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Fourth suspect is then taken to the mall to walk to the front Birth dress wedding dresses City. Jatanras naked AKBP Hery Heryawan seen also on site.

Dozens of people saw the path of reconstruction is visible. They have a way of perpetuating the HP reconstruction.

Drivers crossing from the Birth dress wedding dresses too slow vehicle. They curious with the crowd in front kalibata City. The reconstruction also kept tens of uniformed police.

Ciujung motorway or a regular road access toll road in Serang regency, Banten Province, crashed a few kilometers because thousands of labor action on the toll gate Ciujung. Toll Gate is part of the Jakarta – Merak toll.

According to information collected detikcom, Tuesday ( 12/03/2013 ) at 09:00 pm, a vehicle from the Jakarta or Peacock stuck on the highway reach 8 miles. While the regular road from the west and east respectively 7 km.